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Box containing Solido Roma sweater

Guest Designer – SOLIDO ROMA

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A contemporary knitwear revolution for humans discerning what is next for their happy planet.

Founded by Reggina & Matteo, SOLIDO ROMA knits for a brighter future in fashion. A future where less equals more and slower means better. By proposing a permanent knitwear collection made from pure natural yarns, the brand pledges for a change in the way we humans consume.

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The duo, which advocates slow fashion, has a particular interest in natural materials and the savoir-faire of family workshops. That’s why each piece is the fruit of a “Made in Belgium” design and a sustainable Italian craftsmanship using only durable yarns. And while SOLIDO advocates for a more sustainable future, Reggina & Matteo design unique timeless & genderfluid pieces for anyone willing to ‘perform life to the expectations of a brave new world’.

Between unique painted and embroidered pieces and upgraded basics, they play with layers, colors and fabrics.

EXTRA-ORDINAIRE is honored to both feature – in-store and online – exclusive pieces from the SOLIDO collection, as well as unique EXTRA-ORDINAIRE x SOLIDO ROMA collaborative designs.

About the collaboration: To celebrate travel and transcend borders, patches of authentic Korean costumes – carefully crafted and selected in Seoul by our head designer Jean-Paul Lespagnard – and slogans for citizenship have been applied to a small selection of classic SOLIDO sweaters. Three colors are available: blue, black and off-white. 

Discover the sweaters here: https://shop.extra-ordinaire.be/collections/hoodies/products/copie-de-exclusive-sweater-solido-roma-x-extra-ordinaire-1

In a nutshell, adding SOLIDO ROMA to your wardrobe is not only a wise shopper’s choice, it’s a statement for a better change.