12 Feb 22

SATURDAY 12/02 – WORKSHOP “Habillez-vous les uns les autres” with Micha Deridder

Extra-Ordinaire aims at being a place where people can meet, discover and learn. Every chance we get, we set up an initiative where creatives can share their story and knowledge with the public, you, either through an Exhibition, a Talk or a Workshop. Creativity must flow, grow and we’re proudly fostering it.

This time, join us for a unique workshop given by the artist Micha Deridder. Children (big: parents, small: kids) are invited to create their own costumes by repurposing a material we all know, all have used and stored but won’t be seeing for much longer: plastic bags. Expect to work your imagination in a family atmosphere while giving a new life to these accessories of the almost past.

Get ready to come home to your wardrobe with a plastic surprise!

Reserve your spot by sending us an email at