Christmas Workshop – AISTRIA Cosmetics

15 Dec 19

first workshop at Extra-Ordinaire!

Extra-ordinaire heavily influenced & inspired by Popular culture & Folkore, we had to aim at being a place where people meet, discover, learn. That is why we put our workshops in place; a person with a creative and/or traditional know-how comes to teach her/his work during the time a workshop. Each event is a new subject, a new person, a new know-how. 

This event was an invitation for people to use their hands and their creative mind to shape their own Christmas by meeting someone passionate about the field of DIY cosmetics. Andrea and her Extra-Natural cosmetic products gave us the pleasure to be with us. She brought along ancestral plants which therapeutic virtues have been overshadowed. Modern world tends to propose miracle products of all kinds using the language of witchcraft. Andréa decided get around greenwashing by decrypting basics in order for people to become more concerned persons and be no longer passive to the beauty care industry. The purpose of this workshop was to make attendees autonomous on certain aspects. They learned the benefits of several natural materials and assembled as they wished to build suited for their skin. 

Students had the choice to create one of these three cosmetic products: a detox mask purifying all types of skin, a nourishing scrub / mask that will adapt to every skin and a body or massage oil.