EXTRA-ORDINAIRE X ‘Unique en Son Genre’

27 Oct 19

‘Unique en Son Genre’ translates into ‘One of a kind’ and, this event sure was.

Our shop had the pleasure to welcome, for an evening, a project developed at theatre of Liège  – a city in the heart of Wallonia, Belgium –  Theatre by Edith Bertholet & Sébastien Hanesse. A simple concept but unique in Belgium concept: a drag-queen, a book, a captivated child and her/his parent.s, together.

Words from Edith & Sébastien:
“How can we question gender& sexuality through literature, poetry, words and colors ? They don’t change their skin to enchant us, they only switch costume. How to approach these complex subjects when one still has glitter around their eyes? Well, that depends. 
‘You are one of a kind’. This sentence is part of our daily lives. Children, we hear it from our parents mouth.  Older, we hear it from our first friends when adolescence rears it heads. Today, it doesn’t resonate the same. That’s what’s happening. The question of gender neglects the complexity of the individual”