Socksial Club x Extra-Ordinaire – One Launch Two Pairs: Jean-Paul Lespagnard & Jean Jullien

16 Dec 21

December 16th – 6pm: One Launch Two Pairs: Jean-Paul Lespagnard & Jean Jullien

Just in time for Christmas; we’ll be launching Jean-Paul’s unique design to rock your feet and your Christmas. You know Jean-Paul Lespagnard, right? The renowned fashion designer and artist; founder of Extra-Ordinaire and also its Creative Director. Join us to be among the first to discover what he’s got for us!

Now, as good news never travel alone, we’ll also be unveiling Jean Jullien’s latest collaboration with Socksial Club: The Christmas Socks. Jean Jullien is famous for his work in illustration. He’s also the one who designed the very first Socksial Club pair of socks in December 2020: an amazing dog muppet sock. This year, Jean Jullien has designed another pair which will be exclusively available in a very limited edition at Extra-Ordinaire (and at Plaisirs d’Hivers ‘s Christmas market where Socksial Club runs a chalet).