The Man, the Legend, the Saint: Nicholas is back at the shop!

04 Dec 21

Saint-Nicholas is surely one of Extra-Ordinaire’s favorite craftsmen: his traditional know-how in candy & biscuit making is famous in many regions of the world. 

Are you familiar with the celebration of Saint Nicholas? 

First-off, Saint Nicholas Is called ‘Saint Nicolas’ in French and Sinterklaas in Dutch. 

Legend has it that that he originally came from Turkey as the Bishop of Mira, St. Nicolaus. He was an honorable man who was very kind to children (and still is). 

Nowadays, Saint Nicholas lives in a warm and sunny country – Spain and he come to Belgium by boat. He usually arrives in Belgium by boat in Antwerp, from where he starts his journey of gifting (but also, on rare occasions, punishing children who have acted badly). 

Now, he’s taking time to visit Extra-Ordinaire (as he loves the shop) so come and take a picture with him (he loves a good selfie) and, who knows, you might get a piece of candy! 

See you on Saturday December 4th