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You’re good at what you do. We are too. At Extra-Ordinaire, we know how to make an impact in a way that supports traditional and local making. Why? 

Because it matters.

Welcome to Extra-Ordinaire B2B section. If you’re on this page, it suggests that you’re interested in knowing what we can do for your company, or you’re simply a curious being. In both cases, you’ll find our solutions below. Reach us by clicking on the ‘Ask for a quote’ link if you have something specific in mind or, if not, just click on ‘reach us’. It’s free, and there are no bad inquiries, only bad service providers. 

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    At Extra-Ordinaire, we support your will to offer unique products & gifts to your partners & clients. For that reason, we provide a service of corporate gift making and customization. Either you have an item which you’d like to make unique, or you have nothing at all and would like us to put our creative minds to the task. We’re here to work with you. Contact us for a quote, or simply reach us.

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    Your company lacks impact? Or you simply want to have a premium collection of unique branded products? This is not our first, we’ll work hand-in-hand to develop design and made-to-last items to promote your business. Contact us for a quote, or simply reach us.

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    We’re a collective of creatives, with various knowledge, universes thus inspirations. We’ve already provided turnkey concepts to our clients and will do the same for you. From furniture design, to crafting decorative objects for you interior, we have both the creative mind and production capacities & networks. Contact us for a quote, or simply reach us.

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    You’ve probably been to our shop in the heart center of Brussels, or have seen it online. This space can be yours for a day, an evening, or even a night. We also partner with various neighbor establishments to propose a traditional but unique by-ambiance catering. Picture yourself and friends, or clients, or partners, eating a revisited or traditional vol-au-vent, right at the border of the most beautiful Galleries in Belgium: Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, and three steps away from the Manneken-Pis. Contact us for a quote, or simply reach us.

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    Have you thought of having your products on our shelves? If you’re interested and up for the test, contact us us by asking for a quote, or simply reach us. Each item showcased at the Extra-Ordinaire boutique is carefully selected and curated. Maybe it’ll be yours? Who knows. Contact us for a quote, or simply reach us.

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    Last but not least, we organize creative workshops, in our space in Brussels or in your office. We’re all ears for your ideas, contact us for a quote, or simply reach us.

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