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You may have already met Andrea Cammarosano in one of the “Tutorials by Extra-Ordinaire”… Or maybe you have met his artwork representing a cat on these fantastic t-shirts, the fruit of the collaboration between Andrea and Extra-Ordinaire !


Andrea Cammarosano is an Italian-born designer, artist and educator. He has been a fashion designer for more than 10 years. He designed sets, created costumes for plays, initiated new collaborations with designers and many more. 

In his approach, Andrea is particularly interested in improvisation as well as the recycling of materials. He will moreover carry more interest on the materials which surround him than on the result.  The CAT is an example of his work around improvisation. Because yes, Andrea Cammarosano also draws! Drawing is for him a quick and easy way to let his imagination run free.

Andrea is a long-time friend of Jean-Paul Lespagnard. One day, Jean-Paul simply asked him to do a drawing for Extra-Ordinaire. He drew a cat with a fat chalk on a light brown kraft paper, and voilà, the T-shirt was born. The color of the fabric is as close as the color of kraft paper on which the drawing was made. That’s why it’s beige!

Discover here his crazy drawing collection: https://www.instagram.com/porconissimo/

Now that you’ve discovered the story behind this special piece, hurry up and get this exclusive t-shirt designed by Andrea Cammarosano and made by Extra-Ordinaire in Brussels, Belgium.